Monday, November 26, 2012

This is a story of how all this began......

My Mother, Evelyn Haines-Phillips started investigating our ancestors; Haines, Phillips, Planks, Becks, Arnolds, Leaks, and Prisers. We visited libraries, county clerks offices, vital records and city clerks offices.

Oh, the stories we found in the file cards (no computer wi-fi), just digging in the dust to find our treasure. We went to Elkhart library, Goshen library, Allen county library, Bristol Rush Museum, and Warsaw. Don't forget the Cemeteries that we walked, looking for family.

We would write everything down, anything that we might think be a relative. Never had a plan. Sitting there for hours sifting through the books and papers. Looking for a gem.

Finally two years ago, Mom and I compiled them into notebooks per family surname.\  Then I decided to enter all the information into Family Tree and Ancestery. With the help of Cousin June Beck we got the Beck Family. I have started the Haines and now applying for DAR, Next is to finish Phillips, Becks, Arnolds, Leaks and Prisers. Then there is the brick wall my grandmother's father....

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